Computer Enhanced Coding Services

Specializing in coding for free-standing and hospital-based ER's, and urgent care centers, the Presidio coding software and services are unmatched. The Presidio coding platform utilizes natural language processing to assist the coder in identifying those elements that maximize reimbursements and reduce errors.  

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Registration Software

Simplify patient registration utilizing the Presidio registration system. Simply swipe a drivers license or other ID to register new patients or identify returning patients.  Automatically identify insurance co-pay and other benefits, while detecting fraud and propensity-to-pay issues.  With Presidio's electronic forms module, the registration process is fast and easy, allowing patients to be seen sooner

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Opening a new free-standing er?  Confused about merchant services and fees you'll have to pay?  Presidio makes payments easy.  Sign up for presidio's financial services and we'll provide you with everything you'll need to accept credit cards and electronic checks.  We'll even provide you with web-based payment software you can put on your website to allow your patients to pay on-line.

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